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Web Designing


Website Design

Course Overview

In this course, students will examine the fundamentals of website design and development and functional web pages using markup languages such as HTML5, Design Language such as CSS3 and client site scripting language such as JavaScript. Here Students will also examine various Customized website practices and advanced web technologies with mobile first approach framework Bootstrap5.

  • Overview of the Web
  • Web Design Concept
  • Website Development Concept
  • HTML5 Overview
  • Code Editor (Vs Code) Installation and Introduction
  • HTML5 Basic Markup Implementation
  • Web Page Layout Concept
  • Insert Images
  • Anchor
  • Linking Web Pages
  • Manage Web Content
  • Create Headings Paragraph, Line Break and Horizontal RulesControl Text Flow
  • Create Lists
  • Create Table (Row span and Col span)
  • Add an Iframe
  • Create a Hyperlink to a Iframe
  • Concept of CSS3 (Property and Value)
  • CSS Selector (Basic and Advanced)
  • Size, Color, Width and Height
  • Concept Of CSS Box Model
  • Understanding CSS Display Property
  • Make a Basic Web Layout
  • Embedding Google Fonts
  • Create a Table
  • Modify the Table Structure
  • Format a Table
  • Format Text
  • Format Lists
  • Format Images
  • Modify Page Background
  • Make Web Site Landing Page
  • Create a Simple Contact Form
  • Add Advanced Form Fields
  • Customize Form With CSS
  • Design Contact Us and About Us Page
  • Implementing Font Library (Font Awesome)
  • Navigation Menu (Dropdown)
  • Insert Tables
  • Preview a Web Page
  • Concept of Media Query
  • Cross Browser Computability
  • CSS3 (Transform, Scale Rotate, Transition, Animation and Keyframe)
  • Explorer Browser Extension and implement
  • Prerequisite of Designing Website
  • Static Website Project (PSD to HTML)
  • (Later on, This Website Will Dynamic with PHP and Mysql)


Course Overview

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework for developing responsive (Mobile, Tab, Desktop Pc, Laptop etc.)Website.

  • Bootstrap Overview
  • Bootstrap Environment Setup
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Bootstrap CSS Overview
  • Bootstrap Typography
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Bootstrap Buttons
  • Bootstrap Images
  • Bootstrap Helper Class
  • Bootstrap Responsive Utilities
  • Bootstrap SVG icons
  • Bootstrap Drop downs
  • Bootstrap Button Groups
  • Bootstrap Button Drop downs
  • Bootstrap Input Groups
  • Bootstrap Navigation Elements
  • Bootstrap Navbar
  • Bootstrap Breadcrumb
  • Bootstrap Page Header
  • Bootstrap Thumbnails
  • Bootstrap Alerts
  • Bootstrap Media Object
  • Bootstrap List Group
  • Bootstrap Modal
  • Bootstrap Tab
  • Bootstrap Collapse

JavaScript Advanced Programming

Course Overview

In this part of web design course, students will use the advanced techniques in JavaScript programming and Ajax to make your web pages highly functional.

  • Maintain JavaScript Code
  • Debug JavaScript Code
  • Provide Support for Multiple Browsers
  • Enable JavaScript
  • Detect Browser and JavaScript Versions
  • Detect Objects
  • Handle Exception
  • Create Arrays
  • Delete Array Elements
  • Use Multidimensional Arrays
  • Use Local Storage
  • Store data in Local Storage
  • Retrieve data from Local Storage
  • Delete data from Local Storage

Website Development

Course Overview

In this Part, students work with PHP Server Side Scripting Language, here they will learn how to create forms, statement, loop and session variables in scripts, and write the data entered in a form to a database. Later on, students will work with databases (MYSQL) by identifying the fundamental concepts of databases, creating a preliminary database design, applying normalization techniques, and familiarizing yourself with relational database management systems.

  • Xampp / Wamp Installation
  • Concept of Dynamic Website
  • Understand PHP
  • Use the Basic Syntax of PHP
  • Use HTML and PHP
  • Add Comments
  • Use Variables and Constants
  • Work with Control Structure (loop)
  • Statements
  • Work with Arrays
  • Use Functions
  • Implement Object-Oriented Programming
  • Working With Files
  • Create Forms
  • Validate a Form
  • PHP Super global Variables
  • File Upload
  • Apply skills on Error and Exception Handling
  • Apply skills working on Date and Time in windows
  • Set Session Variables
  • Write Scripts Using Hidden Form Fields
  • Authentication and Authorization (Login Form)
  • Interact with Databases
  • Modify Database Records Using PHP
  • Handling File Uploads
  • Templating of Dynamic Website (Project from Web Design Section)
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Creating Databases Using MySQL

  • Identify the Database Development Life Cycle
  • Explore the MySQL RDBMS
  • Analyze Database Requirements
  • Identify Key Fields
  • Create Entity Relationship Diagrams
  • Normalize Tables
  • Denormalize Tables
  • Discuss Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Create Tables Using the Data Definition Language (DDL) Commands
  • Modify Data Using Data Manipulation Language (DML) Commands
  • Use SQL Compound Statements
  • PHP and MYSQL CURD Operation
  • Create Indexes
  • Create Views
  • Create Transactions
  • Performing and Implementing Dynamic Website
  • (Project From Web Design Section)



Total Course Duration: 108 Hours
Per Class Duration: 3 Hours




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