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Digital Marketing


Course Overview

As we know the digital revelation is in full swing now. This behemoth that we call internet has now made it too easy. Today we have access to the world’s information at our fingertips and also ensure us to find online jobs and many more way to earn money from home. In this moment we can ensure our career in online income. Many of us doing data entry, S.E.O, Graphic Design, web design etc. But in this course we are going to learn about trend digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Few Essential Skills Every Learner Should Know before Start the course.

  • The primary use of the computer.
  • Have internet connection at the workplace.
  • Have well confidence.
  • Discussion of Basic HTML tag & CSS property
  • Installation live + local hosting &dashboard overview
  • WordPress theme header customization
  • WordPress theme main content customization
  • WordPress theme sidebar and footer customization
  • Responsive Design
  • WordPress speed optimization
  • WordPress site backup and migration
  • Brainstorm 1000’s of Keywords ideas
  • Why long tail keywords bring in better conversions.
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Complete Collection of Competitor Top Organic Keywords.
  • Validate keywords using Google Trends
  • SEO tools to convert broad keywords into Topic Suggestions
  • Find related SEO terms and Related Keywords.
  • Tactic to newer website to outrank established website.
  • What are the content hubs? importance in SEO
  • Find proof terms and relevant terms.
  • Optimum usage of exact keyword Density.
  • Improve easy readability SEO Factor.
  • Improve content relevance SEO Factor
  • How to add heading & meta description to boost your CTR
  • How to increase time on site and Improve Bounce Rate
  • Why user experience matters in SEO?
  • How to add copyright-free images to your post.
  • How to add related videos
  • How many internal links & images should use for post?
  • SSL
  • Mobile Friendly Site
  • Fix duplicate content issues.
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Structured Data Markup for site
  • Google search console
  • Google Analytics

      YouTube Marketing

  • YouTube Marketing Overview
  • Creator Studio is Now YouTube Studio
  • YouTube Marketing – 3 Simple Strategies
  • Find Video Ideas with Competitor Analysis
  • YouTube Account Setup
  • How to increase YouTube Subscribers.
  • Add Channel Icon, Description & Social Media Links
  • Free YouTube Banner Maker to Catch Attention
  • Get more Views with YouTube Channel Tags
  • YouTube SEO to Rank Videos Higher
  • Enable Custom Thumbnails to Get More Views.
  • YouTube Cards
  • YouTube Comments
  • Manage Multiple YouTube Accounts
  • YouTube Monetization Requirements
  • YouTube Ads
  • YouTube Analytics
  • YouTube VidlQ(Free Tools)
  • Tub buddy free tools.
  • Importance of Facebook pages for Business
  • Creating Facebook page
  • Add Essential Information
  • Add Profile & Cover Image
  • Add Description for Facebook Pages
  • Getting page Username & URL
  • Facebook page target audience
  • How to monetize your Facebook page
  • Exploring Publishing Tools.
  • Post Scheduling
  • Facebook Comments and Reviews
  • Facebook Call to Action button
  • Facebook Competitions / Contests
  • Secret way to Boost Page Likes
  • Create Facebook Group
  • Facebook Group for Audience
  • How to grow engaged Audience.
  • Keys to Facebook Advertising Success
  • Set Up an Advertising Account
  • Key ad Policies (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Facebook Ad Structure
  • Targeting by Interests, Behaviors, Location, Demographics & Connection
  • Ad Placements
  • Tips to write a Winning Ad
  • Place an Order
  • Key Advertising Terms
  • Ad Reporting
  • View Billing Summary
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Business
  • Website Custom Audience
  • Email List Custom Audience
  • Page Engagement Custom Audience
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Page likes with Custom Audience
  • Video Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Dynamic ads for Ecommerce
  • Canvas Ads
  • Offer Claim Ads
  • Local Awareness Ads
  • Event Response Ads
  • Business Manager
  • Business Manager rules and Permission
  • Custom Conversations and Standard Events
  • How to Start Facebook Ads Business.
  • Why Market your Business with Email?
  • Create Mailchimp Account for Free
  • How to Add Opt-Ins & Pop Ups to your Website
  • How to write Email Subject Lines.
  • How to Create an Email Campaign with Mailchimp
  • Email Marketing Analytics
  • What is Copywriting
  • The “AIDA” Formula
  • Tips for Writing Magnetic Headlines
  • Tips to Create an Irresistible call to action
  • How to Write like your Customers Talk


Total Course Duration: 75 Hours
Per Class Duration: 3 Hours





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