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Total Course Duration: 66 Hours
Per Class Duration: 3 Hours

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2Dimensional Drawing

Course Overview

Class no. 1: Introduction about Auto CAD, Screen orientation, Command, Dialog Box, Different Function keys, Co-ordinate system, Create line.

Class no. 2: Erase, New File, File Open, File Close, File Save, Create Circle, Dimension Setting (D setting), Donut, Undo, Redo, Zoom, Pen and View.

Class no. 3: Units, Limits, Copy, Move, Trim, Extend, X-line, Ray.

Class no. 4: Hands on (2 Dimensional Plan).

Class no. 5: Text, Multi line text (mtext), Text Style, Spell, Offset, Mirror, Stretch, Arc, Ellipse, Polygon.

Class no. 6: Array, Break, Revision Cloud (revcloud), Fillet, Chamfer, Editing with grips, Hatch, Super Hatch, Poly Line (pline), Poly line edit (pedit), Hands-on (Section and front view).

Class no 7: Hands-on (2 Dimensional Plan-2).

Class no. 8: Line type, Line weight, Layer, Properties, List, Dist, Area, Spline, Splinedit, Multi line, Multi line edit (Multilinedit), Hands-on column foundation and staircase.

Class no. 9: Quick Dimension, Linear Dimension, Aligned Dimension, Arc Length Dimension, Ordinate Dimension, Dimension For radius, Dimension on diameter, Dimension for Jogged, Angular Dimension, Baseline Dimension,Continue Dimension, Continue Dimension, Leader Dimension, Dimension of tolerance, Center mark dimension, Oblique dimension, Dimension align text, Dimension style, Dimension override, Re associate dimension, Dimension update, Hanson mechanical shape for dimension.

Class no. 10: Project Work (1).

Class no. 11: Layout Create, Plotting, Publish to web, Project work, (2 dimensional drawing)

Class no. 12: Project work (2 dimensional drawing).

3Dimensional Drawing

Course Overview


Class no. 13: Types of structure, Co-ordinate system, Box, Wedge, Cylinder, Cone,

Sphere, Torus, Extrude, Elevation, Thickness, Viewport, Hide, Shade,

Hans_on (3d 1/8 seat dining table with chair).

Class no. 14: Rulesurf, Tabsurf, Revsurf, Edgesurf, Surftab 1, Surftab 2, Fillet, Chamfer,

Union, Subtract, Intersect.

Class no. 15: Hands-on

Class no. 16: UCS, 3D Array, Mirror 3D, Align, Hands-on (Mechanical Shape).

Class no. 17: Extrude face, Copy face, Move face, Delete face, Offset face, Offset face, Color face, Copy face, Copy edge, Color edge, Taper face,

Hands-on (Room Setup).

Class no. 18: material attach, Material library, Material create, Import material,

Mapping, Landscape new, Landscape Library, Background,

Hands-on (3d Building).

Class no. 19: Light create, Ambient light, Point light, Distant light, Spot light, Shadow,

Light position, Rendering, image attach, Image Manager, Hand-on (Khat).

Class no. 20 – 22: Hands-on.

Course Resource Person

Md. Tawhidul Alam
Md. Tawhidul AlamTrainer AutoCAD & Web Programing
A. H. M. Monjur Kader
A. H. M. Monjur Kader Guest Trainer