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Developing Android Mobile Apps for Business

Course Duration: 100 Hours
Class Duration: 3 Hours

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Students will learn how to develop and publish an Android app, focusing on developing business apps for tablets and smartphones that are compatible with a wide variety of Android versions and device layouts

Class 1: Java Syntax

Class 2: Object Oriented Programming -1

Class: 3: Object Oriented Programming -2

Class: 4: OOP quiz and Lab test

Class: 5: Android Overview

Class: 6: Main Building Blocks

Class: 7: Android User Interface – 1

Class 8: Android User Interface – 2

Class 9: Simple project exam

Class 10: Layout introduction and example

Class 11: List and adapter (Recycler view)

Class 12: Shared preferences

Class 13: Thread Introduction 1

Class 14: Thread introduction 2

Class 15: Introduction to RxJava and example 1

Class 16: Database 1 (room)

Class 17: Database 2 (room)

Class 18: Simple project implementation and submission

Class 19: Service, Broadcast receiver introduction 1

Class 20: Service, Broadcast receiver introduction 2

Class 21: Basic PHP and JSON introduction

Class 22: Http get example using Retrofit library

Class 23: Http post data intro server using retrofit library

Class 24: Save server data intro local database

Class 25: Simple project submission and presentation

Class 26-36: Simple restaurant project implementation (Layout implementation in depth (Constraint layout), add food into cart and place and order)

Resource Person

Shubrata DasGuest Trainer