Project Description

Microsoft Office Applications (Advance)

Total Course Duration: 36 Hours
Per Class Duration: 3 Hours

Course Overview

This chapter guides you through procedures common to Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019. It includes procedures related to working in the Office user interface, changing options for Office and for specific apps, customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and ribbon, getting help.

Part 1: Microsoft Office 2019

Work in the Office user interface

  • Identify app window elements
  • Work with the ribbon and status bar
  • Sidebar: Adapt procedures for your environment

Change Office and app options

  • Manage account information
  • Sidebar: Microsoft account options
  • Manage app options

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the ribbon
Get help and provide feedback
Key points
Practice tasks

Create files
Open and move around in files
Display different views of files
Display and edit file properties

  • Sidebar: File types and compatibility with earlier versions of Office apps

Save and close files
Key points

  • Sidebar: Save files to OneDrive

Practice tasks

Part 2: Microsoft Word 2019

Apply paragraph formatting

  • Configure alignment
  • Configure vertical spacing
  • Configure indents
  • Sidebar: Configure paragraph borders and shading

Structure content manually
Apply character formatting

  • Sidebar: Character formatting and case considerations

Create and modify lists

  • Sidebar: Format text as you type

Apply built-in styles to text

  • Apply styles
  • Manage outline levels

Change the document theme
Key points
Practice tasks

Mark up documents

  • Insert comments
  • Track changes

Display and review document markup

  • Display markup
  • Review and respond to comments
  • Review and process tracked changes
  • Sidebar: Remember to check for errors

Compare and merge documents

  • Compare and combine separate copies of a document
  • Compare separate versions of a document

Control content changes

  • Restrict actions
  • Restrict access by using a password

Coauthor documents
Key points
Practice tasks

Understand the mail merge process
Start the mail merge process

  • Get started with letters
  • Get started with labels
  • Get started with email messages

Choose and refine the data source

  • Select an existing data source
  • Create a new data source
  • Refine the data source records
  • Sidebar: Refresh data

Insert merge fields
Preview and complete the merge
Create individual envelopes and labels

  • Generate individual envelopes
  • Generate individual mailing labels

Key points
Practice tasks

Part 3: Microsoft Excel 2019

Name groups of data
Create formulas to calculate values

  • Sidebar: Operators and precedence

Summarize data that meets specific conditions
Set iterative calculation options and enable or disable automatic calculation
Use array formulas
Find and correct errors in calculations
Key points
Practice tasks

Limit data that appears on your screen
Manipulate worksheet data

  • Select list rows at random
  • Summarize data in worksheets that have hidden and filtered rows
  • Find unique values within a data set

Define valid sets of values for ranges of cells
Key points
Practice tasks

Sort worksheet data
Sort data by using custom lists
Organize data into levels
Look up information in a worksheet
Key points
Practice tasks

Examine data by using the Quick Analysis Lens
Define an alternative data set
Define multiple alternative data sets
Analyze data by using data tables
Vary your data to get a specific result by using Goal Seek
Find optimal solutions by using Solver
Analyze data by using descriptive statistics
Key points

Practice tasks

Part 4: Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Add and remove slides

  • Insert new slides
  • Copy and import slides and content
  • Hide and delete slides

Apply themes
Change slide backgrounds

  • Sidebar: Non-theme colors

Divide presentations into sections
Rearrange slides and sections
Key points
Practice tasks

Insert, move, and resize pictures

  • Sidebar: Graphic formats

Edit and format pictures
Provide additional information about pictures
Create a photo album
Capture and insert screen clippings
Insert and format icons

  • Sidebar: Work with scalable vector graphics

Draw and modify shapes

  • Draw and add text to shapes
  • Sidebar: Locate additional formatting commands
  • Move and modify shapes
  • Format shapes
  • Sidebar: Connect shapes

Key points

  • Practice tasks
Animate text and pictures on slides

  • Sidebar: Animate this
  • Sidebar: Morphing slide content into new forms

Customize animation effects

  • Sidebar: Bookmark points of interest in media clips

Add audio content to slides
Add video content to slides
Compress media to decrease file size

  • Sidebar: Hyperlink to additional resources

Key points
Practice tasks

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Course Details

Advance Microsoft Office

Instructor Profile

Microsoft Word 2013 Part-3

Course Overview

This course is designed to take participants to the next level with Word and will focus on advanced automation techniques, building mail merges, creating forms, and techniques for managing long documents.

Lesson 1: Automating in Word

  • Building Blocks
  • Quick Parts
  • Autotext
  • Insert document property
  • Insert field codes
  • Insert Word documents
  • Simple Macros
  • Customize Word

Lesson 2: Reference Tools

  • Bookmarks
  • Hyperlinks
  • Cross Reference
  • Footnote and endnote
  • Citations and bibliographies

Lesson 3: Managing long documents

  • Table of contents
  • Index
  • Table of Figures and Table of Tables
  • Table of Authorities

Lesson 4: Working with Master Documents

  • Outline view
  • Master documents
  • Creating Tables and Indexes in Master Documents

Lesson 5: Working with Mail Merge

  • Understanding Mail Merge
  • Form letters
  • Data sources
  • Mailing labels and envelopes
  • Advanced Mail Merge

Lesson 6: Creating Forms

  • Access Word’s Development Tools
  • Form Fields
  • Form Protection

Microsoft Excel 2013 Part-3

Course Overview

This course teaches the advanced features of Excel and allows students to increase productivity.

Lesson 1: Advanced Lookups

  • Using Advanced VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Functions
  • Using INDEX and MATCH
  • Using VLOOKUP, ISNA, and IF

Lesson 2: Complex Functions

  • Using Nested IF Functions
  • Handling Errors with the IFERROR Function
  • Using Functions to Clean Up Data and Text

Lesson 3: Auditing Workbooks and Protection

  • Auditing Workbooks
  • Applying Data Validation
  • Protecting Cells, Worksheets, and Workbooks

Lesson 4: Advanced PivotTables

  • Adding Calculated Fields and Calculated Items
  • Applying Conditional Formatting to a PivotTable
  • Creating Filter Pages
  • Working with PowerPivot

Lesson 5: Automating with Macros

  • Creating a Macro
  • Assigning a Macro to a Button
  • Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Exploring the VBA Environment

Lesson 6: Ensuring Data Integrity

  • Converting Text to Columns
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Sharing Workbooks and Tracking Changes
  • Importing and Exporting Data

Microsoft Power Point 2013 Part-3

Course Overview

This course is designed to take participants to the next level with PowerPoint and will focus on custom masters and templates, animation and transitions, and advanced presentation techniques.

Lesson 1: Collaborating in Presentations

  • Create slides
  • Using Excel Data
  • Compare presentations
  • Comments

Lesson 2: Masters

  • How Master works
  • Modify a slide master
  • Modifying a layout master
  • Add multiple slide masters
  • Modify Notes and Handout Masters
  • Create custom Theme
  • Save as Template

Lesson 3: Animation and Transition Effects

  • Animation
  • Transition Effects

Lesson 4: Advanced Graphic Features

  • SmartArt
  • Multimedia

Lesson 5: Advanced Presentation Features

  • Hyperlinks and Action settings
  • Custom Slideshows
  • Sections

Lesson 6: Advanced Slideshow Options

  • Hide/unhide slides
  • Slide timings and Narration
  • Advanced presentation formats
  • Packaging a presentation
  • Annotate during a presentation

Course Resource Person

Mohammad Shihab Uddin
Mohammad Shihab UddinSr. Technical Trainer (Programming)