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Web Designing

New Horizons Internet Professional Program (NHIPP)

Total Course Duration: 90 Hours
Per Class Duration: 3 Hours

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Site Designing Foundations

Course Overview

In this course, students will examine the fundamentals of website development and functional web pages using markup languages such as HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Students will also examine various e-commerce practices and advanced web technologies.

Lesson 1: Examining the Essentials of Website Development

  • Overview of the Internet
  • Web Content Authoring
  • Website Development

Lesson 2: Creating a Web Page

  • Create a Basic Web Page
  • Insert Images

Lesson 3: Organizing Text

  • Create Headings and Horizontal Rules
  • Control Text Flow
  • Create Lists

Lesson 4: Applying Styles Using CSS

  • Format Text
  • Format Lists
  • Format Images
  • Modify Page Background

Lesson 5: Working with Tables

  • Create a Table
  • Modify the Table Structure
  • Format a Table

Lesson 6: Linking Web Pages

  • Create Text Hyperlinks
  • Create Image Hyperlinks
  • Create Email Links
  • Format Hyperlinks

Lesson 7: Working with Frames

  • Create Frames
  • Add an Inline Frame
  • Create a Hyperlink to a Frame

Lesson 8: Adding Forms to a Web Page

  • Create a Simple Form
  • Add Advanced Form Fields

Lesson 9: Using a GUI Editor to Create a Web Page

  • Create a Web Page
  • Insert Tables
  • Preview a Web Page
  • Create a Template

Lesson 10: Identifying Web-Based Technologies and E-Commerce Practices

  • Explore Web-Based Technologies
  • Explore the Fundamentals of E-Commerce
  • Explore E-Commerce Technologies


Course Overview

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework for developing responsive (Mobile, Tab, Desktop Pc, Laptop etc.)Website.

Lesson 1:

  • Bootstrap Overview
  • Bootstrap Environment Setup
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Bootstrap CSS Overview

Lesson 2:

  • Bootstrap Typography
  • Bootstrap Code
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Bootstrap Buttons
  • Bootstrap Images
  • Bootstrap Helper Lessons

Lesson 3:

  • Bootstrap Responsive Utilities
  • Bootstrap Glyph icons
  • Bootstrap Drop downs
  • Bootstrap Button Groups
  • Bootstrap Button Drop downs
  • Bootstrap Input Groups

Lesson 4:

  • Bootstrap Navigation Elements
  • Bootstrap Navbar
  • Bootstrap Breadcrumb
  • Bootstrap Pagination
  • Bootstrap Label
  • Bootstrap Jumbotron

Lesson 5:

  • Bootstrap Page Header
  • Bootstrap Thumbnails
  • Bootstrap Alerts
  • Bootstrap Progress Bars
  • Bootstrap Media Object
  • Bootstrap List Group
  • Bootstrap Panels
  • Bootstrap Wells

Lesson 6:

  • Bootstrap Plugins Overview
  • Bootstrap Transition Plugin
  • Bootstrap Modal Plugin
  • Bootstrap Drop down Plugin
  • Bootstrap Tab Plugin
  • Bootstrap Tool tip Plugin
  • Bootstrap Popover Plugin
  • Bootstrap Button Plugin
  • Bootstrap Collapse Plugin

JavaScript Advanced Programming & JQuery

Course Overview

In this course, students will use the advanced techniques in JavaScript programming and Ajax to make your web pages highly functional.

Lesson 1: Using Programming Techniques

  • Maintain JavaScript Code
  • Debug JavaScript Code

Lesson 2: Implementing Cross-Browser Compatibility

  • Provide Support for Multiple Browsers
  • Enable JavaScript
  • Detect Browser and JavaScript Versions
  • Detect Objects
  • Handle Exceptions

Lesson 3: Using Custom Objects in JavaScript

  • Create Custom Objects
  • Use Constructor Functions
  • Add Methods to Objects
  • Use Prototype Functions

Lesson 4: Working with Arrays

  • Create Arrays
  • Delete Array Elements
  • Use Multidimensional Arrays

Lesson 5: Handling Cookies Using JavaScript

  • Use Cookie Objects
  • Store Cookies
  • Process Cookie Values
  • Delete Cookies

Lesson 6: Validating Forms Using JavaScript

  • Validate Forms Using the Generic Approach
  • Implement Generic Validation Using Custom Objects

Lesson 7: Programming Using DOM API

  • Traverse Documents
  • Modify Documents
  • Append Nodes to Documents

Lesson 8: Communicating with Plug-Ins and Server Applications

  • Communicate with Adobe Flash Content
  • Communicate with ActiveX
  • Communicate with Server Applications

Resource Person

Mohammad Shihab Uddin
Mohammad Shihab UddinSr. Technical Trainer Programming
Md. Tawhidul Alam
Md. Tawhidul AlamSr. Technical Trainer (Web Design & Development, AutoCAD)