MS Office for Kids

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MS Office for Kids

Total Course Duration: 22 Hours
Per Class Duration: 3 Hours


[Prerequisite: ]

Microsoft Word

Class 1

  • Getting Started with MS Word
  • Creating a document, page set up & saving different formats
  • Formatting Texts, Paragraphs & Managing Text Flow (Indentation, Column, page & section break)

Class 2

  • Inserting with Shapes, Images, Text Boxes, Quick Parts & Symbols
  • Working with Lists, Tabs & Table

Class 3

  • Controlling Page Appearances (Headers, Footers, Watermark & Page number) & printing process
  • Visualizing Data with Charts and Smart Arts

Microsoft Excel

Class 1  

  • Contracting with MS Excel
  • Exploring spread sheet, work sheets, work books & saving different formats
  • Understanding Cell References (Relative, Absolut & Mixed)

Class 2

  • Applying cell data format, font format & table format with style
  • Creating basic formula & using basic functions (SUM, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, COUNT…)

Class 3

  • Injecting Shapes, Images, Text Boxes & Symbols
  • Picturing Data with Chart and SmartArt

Class 4

  • Utilizing Page Appearance (Headers, Footers, Watermark & Page number) & printing method

Microsoft Power-point

Class 1

  • Introducing with MS PowerPoint
  • Creating slides & applying layouts & saving different formats
  • Constructing Text, Paragraphs & Working with Lists & Table

Class 2

  • Adding slides transition & contents animation
  • Organizing Page Appearance (Headers, Footers & Page number) & printing procedure
  • Implanting Shapes, Images, Text Boxes & Symbols
  • Visualizing Data with Charts and Smart Arts


  • Drawing With Paint Software

Resource Person

Faisal Wahid
Faisal WahidSenior Technical Trainer Programming
Suman Chakraborty
Suman ChakrabortySenior Technical Trainer Networking
Amin Tanvir
Amin TanvirTrainer Graphics & Multimedia BSE in CSE,
Mohammad Shihab Uddin
Mohammad Shihab UddinSenior Technical Trainer Programming
Mohammad Shariful Islam
Mohammad Shariful IslamSenior Technical Trainer Programming
Tawhidul Alam
Tawhidul AlamSenior Technical Trainer Programming